Pirfenidone Tablets




Aluminum-plastic blister pack: 9 pieces/board, 7 boards/ box.

Indications and Dosage:

Pirfenidone is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).
The dosage of pirfenidone is increased according to the principle of increasing dose. It is appropriate to take it after meals. Because the concentration of pirfenidone in the blood will increase significantly when taking it on an empty stomach, and may induce the potential adverse reaction profile.
The initial dosage of pirfenidone is one 200mg tablet, three times a day (600 mg/day). Increasing the dosage by 200mg each time within two weeks, and finally maintain pirfenidone at 600 mg each time, three times a day (1800mg/day). Patients should be carefully observed medication tolerance during the time.

If patients experience significant adverse reactions (i.e., gastrointestinal events, photosensitivity reaction, liver enzymes elevations or weight loss), consider temporary dosage reductions or interruptions of pirfenidone to allow for resolution of symptoms, then gradually increase the rated amount after symptomatic relief. The recommended maintenance daily dose of pirfenidone is above 1200 mg/day.


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