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赛波唯® (Sofosbuvir Tablets) Approved for HCV Treatment


18 March 2020, Kawin Technology's 赛波唯® (Sofosbuvir Tablets) was approved by National Medical Products Administration as the first domestically approved NS5B polymerase inhibitor. 赛波唯® combined with Kawin's newly approved Class 1 innovative drug, NS5A inhibitor 凯力唯® (Coblopasvir Hydrochloride Capsules), constituting the first, full oral, pan-genotype Chinese regimen- Kawin's regimen for liver diseases. This regimen achieved a 97% SVR12, which is equivalents to international first-line regimens. It will provide a new option for domestic treatment that benefits tens of millions of patients suffered from hepatitis C virus (HCV) and approaches the goal of HCV elimination 2030 in China.

Dr. Zhou Desheng, Chairman of Kawin Technology, Interviewed by Beijing Class 1 Innovative Drug Coblopasvir Hydrochloride Capsules Launched for Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus

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